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Implementing Sisense since 2014

Sisense Best Practices


You have the most powerful, easiest to use tool available.  How do you effectively apply the functions and features of Sisense to deliver on your vision?  Working with Sisense since 2014, Silutions is ready to apply our application and support experience and knowledge to your  implementation.  For some information on Best Practices see our Blog Post:  Sisense Good Governance

Sisense Dashboard Design


Sisense makes it incredibly easy to create dashboards.  How can your dashboards provide the value envisioned for your users?  In many cases, delivering value requires consistent dashboard design and organization that can be easily understood by end users without significant training.  Silutions' experience can help insure that your vision is delivered.  For some additional thoughts, see our Blog Posts:   Using Dashboard Design Patterns to Increase User Engagement and Success with Sisense Color Palettes.

Best Practices
Data Modeling
Vision for Sisense


For successful BI delivery with high user acceptance you need a clear Vision of what you want to achieve with BI, a thoughtful, easy to use and understand design, and a plan on how to get there.  Silutions can help you hone your vision to achieve the value your management and users are expecting.

Sisense Data Modeling


Keys to a successful Sisense application are the data models created in your ElastiCubes.  Silutions can assist you with data model and ElastiCube development.  This assistance includes reviewing your current data sources and their models with an eye to creating ElastiCube(s) that streamline the ETL processes, support Sisense's unique feature set and enhance the dashboard creation processes.

Sisense Governance


Long term, sustainable delivery of your Analytics vision with Sisense requires a well planned approach to Governance.  Once your initial dashboards are live, the processes and procedures should be in place to assure:

  • end users continue to buy-in

  • the value vision is consistently delivered

  • future dashboard and ElastiCube development is homogeneous

  • consistent development through production processes are followed to reduce risk

  • upgrade risks are understood and managed

Silutions has the experience to assist in developing your Governance plan for long term success.​  For more information on Good Governance, see our Blog Posts:

Sisense documentation map


Long term success for your Sisense BI application is based on the documentation foundation established when your system goes live.  Key elements to be documented include ElastiCubes, Dashboards/Widgets, Plugins, Scripts and Palettes.  Silutions has a practical, templated approach to completely document your application.  With this in hand your ability to successfully manage and extend your system is greatly enhanced.  For a Sisense documentation primer see our Blog Post:  Documenting your Sisense system

Sisense Video to increase user enagagement


Two to four minute screen capture videos that describe the system, its value and demonstrate the features of your implementation are very valuable for your users.  These videos are typically designed to support both Marketing and User Guide goals.  See an example and more details in our blog post: User Guides: Driving Sisense User Engagement

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Working with Sisense
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