What our Customers Say

Matt Cartwright, CEO

Matt Cartwright, CEO

"Silutions Consulting, in a few weeks, were able to create design standards, develop, document, and deploy more than 25 production dashboards.  They also enhanced and documented our ElastiCube design.  Silutions subsequently built an interactive video tutorial ensuring our users are able to navigate and effectively consume the dashboard information.  Silutions has enabled our company to properly deploy a great tool in a way that we certainly couldn’t have without them."  

Casey Riley, CTO

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"Silutions Consulting helped us refine our vision, implement our branding, design our ElastiCube data model and build our dashboards.  They assisted with ETL design and data validation processes and supported our Go-Live activities.  They’ve also aided us in presenting Vant4ge BI to our customers, establishing our best practices and in training and supporting our Sisense development team.  Silutions is a valued member of our BI team.  

Tim Smart, VP

"Silutions Consulting helped us refine our vision, develop our BI Roadmap, standardize dashboard design and enhance our ElastiCube data modeling.  They also assisted us with presenting the benefits of Invision Data Insite, our Sisense based BI System, to a prospective customer.  Silutions is an invaluable partner on our BI journey.”